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Born in 1965. Autodidact. 

I work with a variety of materials, oilpaint, spraypaint, charcoal, oilpaintstick, silver & gold pigments, earth colors I found and made myself, anything with color that can be called paint really. 

Though often recognizable forms may be shown with simple raw gestures on the canvas, they are at the same time abstractions not to mean anything other than trying to evoke the looking rather than the knowing what is presented. 

As in dreams one doesn't really know what it's all about, I'm the detective in an experimental pursuit while getting lost in the world around me.

Borg deNobel paints on the boundaries of dreams. Her images derive from a place where primitive schema and sophisticated colors combine to become metaphors for lived and imagined experiences. Intentionally de-schooled and vibrant with forcefully painted surfaces, her work has an “in-your-face’ quality. There are echoes of neo-expressionism and Punk Rock, updated with cautious optimism, subtle humor and empathy.

Offering select clues to decipher, deNobel’s canvases become mysterious signs that are destined to mean different things to different viewers. Seduced by their apparent naïveté and provoked by their honesty, we are simultaneously compelled to reflect on our own associations with the forms portrayed and with cultured expectations of painting. Though deNobel toys expertly with the relationship between language and image when she juxtaposes recognizable forms, anyone looking for a story is likely to come up empty-handed. As titles such as Ice Flowers, Sleep is King and Dog in the Mist suggest, this is poetry, not prose. Her work is both charming and blunt . . . comfortably accessible on some levels and infectiously out of reach on others.

As a whole, deNobel’s paintings comprise the diary of a fearless traveler in unconscious realms. We are wise to follow her lead, for such telling experiences of life and art begin deep in the mind. 

Jerry James

M.F.A., Ed. D

The School of Visual Arts 

New York City


2020 - to date

The Lost End Gallery Changing Collection

Verloreneinde Kwadijk 17, 1471 CA Kwadijk

A changing collection of Borg de Nobel’s works. Appointment only.

2019 - to date

Bed & Breakfast Kerklaan, Groningen

permanent private collection

a private collection of very different sizes and subject matter collected over the years, represented all through 3 different B&B's

2022 - 2022

SeeMe Emerge

New York City Gallery Blue, 154 Orchardstreet, 10002 NYC East Village

2022 - 2022

SeeMe Form & Intuition

New York City Gallery Blue, 154 Orchardstreet , 10002, NYC East Village

2021 - 2021


M.A.D.S. gallery Milano, Italy

2020 - 2020

Tussen Kunst & Kitsch Kitchen

Kitsch Kitchen Pop Up Event Haarlemmerdijk 48, Amsterdam

You can always find me in the kitchen at parties! Schilderijen van Borg de Nobel in de pop up shop van Kitch Kitchen

2018 - 2018


Affordable ArtFair AfterParty, New York


1989 - 1990

Gerrit Rietveld Academie



1987 - 1988

Art Students League

New York City


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